1. The Raj Bhavan Complex

The hilly terrain of the Raj Bhavan Complex has been terraced into several sections. On top of the hillock stands the magnificent main building, and the other buildings are located below it.

The complex comprises of the main building, the administrative block, an annexe, the office of the reserve inspector, a reception counter, a dispensary, a garage and a godown. A portion of the premises is forested and the remaining area is covered with different horticulture species such as coconut, cashew, mango and other fruit bearing trees. Open lawns adorn the paths leading up to the buildings.

Main Building
2. Main Building

The official chamber and residential quarters of His Excellency the Governor, office of the Secretary to Governor, office of the Aide-de-camp, Personal Secretary, Private Secretary and Comptroller, guest rooms, library, the Abhishek Hall, the Banquet Hall and a mini conference hall are located in the main building. Several artifacts comprising stone statues, pieces of filigree work, paintings, photographs and trophies adorn the Raj Bhavan.

Abhishek Hall
3. Abhishek Hall

Situated on the ground floor, the Abhishek Hall serves as the venue for important staff meetings and functions including swearing-in ceremonies. This 49 feet by 29 feet hall is decorated with two large paintings.

Banquet Hall
4. Banquet Hall

Banquets and parties are held in this 39 feet by 32 feet hall. It is decked with photographs of Presidents of India and several other paintings.

Mini Conference Hall
5. Mini Conference Hall

A mini conference hall with a capacity of about 20 persons, has been added to the main block. The seats surround an oval-shaped table and are equipped with microphones. The hall is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure including a computer and an overhead LCD projector with screen. His Excellency Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, inaugurated the hall on 3rd July 2006.

6. Library

The Raj Bhavan library consists of about 7000 books in different languages such as English, Oriya, Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Urdu. The collection includes books on the Constitution, and various other subjects such as religion, philosophy, history, culture, yoga, literature, economics, management and computer science. The library is used by the Governor, the staff of Raj Bhavan and their families. Guests, who visit the Raj Bhavan and stay there, can also use the library. The present library hall was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri M. M. Rajendran on 9th October 2002.

Residence of His Excellency
7. Residence of His Excellency

The residential quarters of His Excellency and his family are located on the first floor. The rooms and the corridors are tastefully decorated. There are nine suites in the main building for the visiting dignitaries. The suites are quite spacious, with a dressing room and a toilet.

The suites are names after places of Odisha bearing historical and geographical importance. The three suites on the ground floor along the western arm of the building - Kalinga, Chilika and Pallavi - are meant for VVIPs and VIPs. The Kalinga suite consists of a drawing room, a bed room, a dining room, a mini pantry and an attendant's room.

The other six suites, namely, Dhauli, Ansupa and Konark on the ground floor along the northern arm and Similipal, Chandragiri and Pipili on the first floor provide accommodation to other visiting dignitaries.

Each suite is decorated with photographs and paintings.

The Kalinga suite is decorated with a portrait of Baji Rout, the boatman boy, who used to ferry British soldiers across the river Brahmani and fell to their bullets.

The Chilika suite has two photographs of Chilika, the largest brackish water lagoon in Asia.

The picture of a danseuse in a particular pose signifies the name of the Pallavi suite. Paintings and photographs of Ansupa Lake, the Sun Temple of Konark and Chandragiri and an appliqué wall hanging of Pipili adorn the respective rooms bearing these names. Besides these, the three rooms in the guest annex provide lodging facilities to visitors.

Administrative Building
8. Administrative Building

The Governor's Secretariat is housed in the Administrative Block, which is located on the southeast side of the main building. The Secretariat functions under the administrative control of the Secretary to the Governor, who assists His Excellency in discharging his duties and functions. The administrative block houses a post office and a printing press in addition to the other administrative sections.

9. Garden

The Raj Bhavan garden boasts of lush green lawns, two rose gardens, a cactus house and flower beds along the main driveway where a variety of seasonal flowers are grown besides two gardens for medicinal herbs and a kitchen garden. Various types of seasonal flowers are planted on the flower beds. A large number of potted flower plants are also placed in the portico as well as in front of the main building.

Apart from the flower plants, foliage plants like crotons, difanbachea, coleus, cycas, drasera, etc are grown in pots. Four fountains decorated with colourful lights beautify the lawn. The in-house nursery meets the major requirements of the garden. Varieties of vegetables are grown in the kitchen garden to cater to the requirements of the kitchen. Raj Bhavan garden has been adjudged the best garden in the city a number of times. In the Annual Flower Show and Garden Competition organised by Plant Lovers' Association in 2008, this garden won the best garden trophy among the gardens of central and state government offices in Bhubaneswar.

Medicinal Gardens
10. Medicinal Gardens

Two medicinal gardens are also part of this huge foliage. The first one comprises 30 varieties of medicinal plants. His Excellency Shri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India, planted a pengulai tree here on 3rd July, 2006. The second medicinal garden near the Governor’s Apartment comprises 32 species of plants. Former Hon’ble Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh planted a cinnamon tree here on 29th August, 2006.

The medicinal herbs include manjuati, ruta, gheekuanri, hadajoda, pasaruni, peepali, patal gauda, ashoka, gogula and bhringaraj. A unique feature of the herbal garden is that there is a diagram of the human body, illustrating how different organs can medicially benefit from different herbs planted in the garden.

Cactus House
11. Cactus House

The Cactus House was inaugurated by Her Excellency Smt Pratibhadevisingh Patil, the then President of India on 10th December, 2009. It comprises of 302 cactus plants representing 75 species.

Deer Park
12. Deer Park

The deer park was inaugurated on 2nd October 1973 by His Excellency Shri B. D. Jatti. Spread over a small area of one acre to the northeast of the premises, it originally housed a maximum of 10 animals including a pair of spotted deer and 3 black bucks. Subsequently, more animals were brought here from the Nandan Kanan Zoo. The southern wing, spreading over an area of one acre of land, was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Nurul Hasan, the then Governor, on 14th November 1989. It is now house to 80 spotted deer and 2 black bucks.

13. Post Office

A sub-post office functions in the Administrative Building of Raj Bhavan to ensure prompt postal service. The officers and staff of Raj Bhavan avail themselves of the various facilities offered by the Sub-Post Office.

14. Printing Press

There is an offset printing press in the administrative block, where the engagements of the Governor are printed for official circulation.

There is an offset printing press in the administrative block, where the engagements of the Governor are printed for official circulation.

Close to the dispensary, there is a children's park with provision for games and amusement for the children of Raj Bhavan staff.

15. Dispensary

Housed in the building adjacent to the residence of the Secretary to the Governor, the dispensary caters to the health needs of His Excellency the Governor and his family, the staff of the Raj Bhavan and their dependent family members. General public can also consult the doctor.

16. State Bank of India, Raj Bhavan Branch

The Raj Bhavan branch of the State Bank of India is located near the dispensary. It provides banking facilities to the Raj Bhavan staff as well as to the people living in the locality.